Honor Services GROWS to Michigan
PCI Compliance is more important than you think

Payment Card Industry compliance protects you from faulty sites with no security. Hefty fines can be assessed if you use a payment solution that is non-compliant.    Read Full Story »

Founder on Straight Talk Show
Ria Rai Harris Interviews Stan

Stan Washington speaks about www.honorservicesoffice.com while dealing with the issue of BRAND. This interactive discussion opens the eyes of the need to pay attention to your brand as you grow your business.   Read Full Story »

Ways to Empower Your Business Forum - Huge Success
Book Talk and Business Pitch Contest

What an exciting business forum! We discussed ways to empower small businesses to grow. Many questions were answered by authors Victoria Cook, Dan Duster and Stan Washington. The pitch contest was a huge hit. This video has some great highlights of the contest. Prizes were given, food was gobbled and most of all GOD was pleased!   Read Full Story »

Founder on NCTV17
Stan Washington and Victoria Cook on News

Our Founder and President Stan Washington discusses new resources. New CRM, Invoicing and Email Marketing software. New Books. Plans to Prosper: Strategies, Systems and Tools for Small Business Marketing Success and Peaceful Selling: Easy Sales Techniques for Small Business Marketing Success. Both resources help our target audience. We help Women Owned, Veteran Owned and Underserved small businesses.   Read Full Story »

New Marketing Curriculum Added
Plans to Prosper Marketing Book and Workbook NOW Available

Learn how to choose a marketing strategy that’s right for you. Market in a short period of time on a small budget while increasing visibility, raising buyer awareness, and growing sales using our step-by-step High Achieving Marketing Process ™. Take out the guess work and save money. Many business owners often feel as though they’re “winging it” as they carry on day to day. They lack a plan or resources to keep them focused. Also, they aren’t reaching their financial goals. Does that sound familiar? Plans to Prosper: Strategies, Systems and Tools for Small Business Marketing Success is a step-by-step guide to growing businesses through effective marketing. We take the guess work out of marketing strategies in order to help save you money.   Read Full Story »

7 Secrets to Generating More Leads
Full Webinar

Participating in discussion groups and sending email marketing campaigns without a plan can turn potential clients off. Learn the art of “Professional Attraction” and how to build relationships while showing your expertise. This is the second webinar in the HSO Small Business Innovators series, sponsored by Honor Services Office. Honor Services Office is your source for powerful applications that allow you to track business leads, manage client information and invoices and maintain brand awareness   Read Full Story »

Our Founder on BDPA National Radio
From Executive to Entrepreneur

Please listen as our founder explains 3 key lessons he learned from his transition of leading 14,000 locations with technology to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He shares how others can do the same.    Read Full Story »

Moving Your Business to the Cloud
Webinar to Move Your Business Processes to the Cloud

Participants will learn how to safely move important business processes to the cloud to enable business growth in an organized fashion. Prospect Build Relationships Invoice Online Market Through Email    Read Full Story »

Career Coach Office now open to "Every" small business industry
Stan Washington appears on Naperville Channel 17

In a recent interview, Stan Washington (Founder and President of Career Coach Office) revealed the latest version of the software is now open to small businesses of all types. He also mentioned workshops and consulting for small businesses especially start-ups. Twitter - @CCoachOffice Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/CareerCoachOffice Website - http://www.careercoachoffice.com   Read Full Story »

Career Coach Office Featured on Maggie Linton XM Radio National Broadcast
Small Business Growth Discussion

Small Businesses need help and Career Coach Office was asked to provide help to the listeners of the Maggie Linton Show. Questions ranging from "What type of small business should I open?" to "What type of funding should I have?" were all relevant topics in this discussion. Listen in for insights to growing your business.   Read Full Story »

From Flipping Burgers To Building Software
Career Coach Office Founder Takes Low-Cost Approach to Growing Small Businesses

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- New technology is available to help small businesses efficiently manage clients, quickly prepare invoices, and successfully reach prospects through e-mail marketing. Career Coach Office, the company and the software, makes it easy to grow business, grow clients from anywhere. "After leaving the corporate world, I got into career coaching and met a lot of entrepreneurs who were overwhelmed with all the behind-the-scenes work that comes with building a business," said Stan Washington, Career Coach Office founder and President. "I wanted to lower the entry costs of investing in technology and give small businesses the means to operate smartly and grow.“ Washington, a former McDonald's executive responsible for the fast food leader's global POS, Back Office, and E-Learning programs met with hundreds of small business owners and worked with developers to bring inexpensive, user-friendly software to market. The application was released this past January.   Read Full Story »