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Business Management Software With Purpose

Start with GOD's vision. Grow as a leader. Bring others along.
GOD-centered business owners recognize their talents come from GOD and are to be used to further HIS kingdom.
Curriculum, CRM and Invoicing backoffice grows business and leadership.
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What does a GOD-Centered Business look like?

Honor Services Office CRM
36 Day Daily Devotional

Grow as you grow your business.

Work at your own pace to prepare yourself and your business. 100+ Leadership and business preparation exercises.
36-day personal journal to reflect with GOD.
Manage and Automate Your Business

Manage and automate your business.

After learning GOD's principles, manage the business HE guided you into. Send invoices, accept online payments, track income and expenses and grow business through a CRM made for micro-businesses who believe GOD provides the increase.
Agile AFB

A new way of managing business.

Agile Adopted for Business (AFB) is a two week business planning method that has worked in multiple industries for decades. Now it is here for you! Learn the latest Agile community focused principles to identify and build GOD’s vision, create expert content marketing, develop a peaceful sales model and implement outstanding customer service.

Leadership development and business management software all in one!


More than a CRM.
You are made whole.

It starts with you. If you are troubled, or in pain, then it will show in your business.
Why not take care of you first? GOD wants you whole so you can help others become whole through HIM.

Try our one on one mentoring to grow your business while growing in the LORD.

You will get weekly One on One Leadership Development (Unleash Your Overlooked Talent)


Experience True Growth

Use the planning tool to track your projects and new ideas.
Remaining organized is key to growth.
Invoice your customers and receive online payments using PayEezy or PayPal Gateway.
Continue the process by praying for each customer.

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No Sales Team? No Problem.

Tell versus Sell

Sales can be intimidating to some. You will learn how to use a CRM to build sales "your way." Keep track of your custom sales process.

Tell versus Sell

After you complete the leadership exercises, you will realize that your confidence comes from GOD. This confidence enables you to provide solutions versus trying to coerce someone into purchasing something they don't want or need.

Honor Services Office has a CRM that is quick and easy to use. Send Invoices, receive online payments, keep track of income and expense.

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Your safety is important.

Safe and Secure

Micro-businesses need safe, secure tools too. That's why Honor Services Office™ was built. We follow the GOD-Centered framework too. GOD gave us the vision to use the decades of talent working in the payments and technology industry, to bring tools and training to those HE has called into business.